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Birthdate:Feb 28, 1994
Location:Death City, Nevada, United States of America
This journal represents multiple incarnations of Soul. At the moment, he can be found at:

Plurk * [info]ebxrpg
The Grove (link currently unavailable)
Private RP

salvation is coming

it's a beautiful but brutal life

A student at the Shinigami Weapon Meister Vocational School, Soul lives in Death City, Nevada. He was born into a musical family, of which at least his brother was famous. He was expected to follow this path with his talented piano skills, but he never believes that he has the talent, and therefore has a high complex both about music and about his family.

When he discovered that his true nature involved the blood of the weapon running through his veins, he saw it as a means of escape. He took this escape, and became the Demon Scythe Soul Eater. He can transform his arm or hand into a scythe blade, or his whole body into the weapon. His meister, or partner, is Maka Albarn. He feels as if he needs to dedicate his life - or lose it, if necessary - to her and her name, even if she does not wish for the same. This feeds into his inferiority complex, and is a way for him to punish himself as many others did with their opinions when he was a child.

He is good at pretending to be a normal teenage boy without any issues at all. He has a large group of friends and the only two that ever guess the hint are Maka or Crona.

Crona and he share one trait, that of black blood. It can contaminate you and turn you dark and insane, if only you would let it. Soul also stated he has a fear of touch; however, this may be figurative, and rather represent being afraid of getting close to others.

Inside of his own head he has a Room, which has a demon inside and jazz-like scenery. There is a piano inside that he can use to manipulate the outside world. This is from the Black Blood. However, participating in the piano serves great danger to his own sanity, and sometimes Maka's as well. Others can enter this room if they are tied close enough to him.

Soul recently became a Deathscythe and is having to learn how to contain and practice the new limits that come with this. One is transformation, which almost never goes exactly right. With practice...

Pictures of various transformations he has taken so far can be found here.

As of Chapter 83 of the manga, the power of mentally playing music to affect others has become far more sharp. He can also now play the music physically as well - by transforming his arm into a piano-like scythe. He can also improve the powers in other physical ways. But though he has adjusted to the insanity of his own mind, it is the physical music that can still greatly impact him.

Among Soul's current abilities is to cause insanity in others through supersonic waves.

His emotions carry a sharp edge, no matter what they are. Whether he's happy, angry, sad, or anything otherwise, if he isn't careful, he can harm with his words. He's a very intense boy, and he's hardly learned to contain this.

Name: Soul Eater Evans
Age: 16 in Milliways, 14 in Atomized, 17 in EBX and unknown in the Grove.
Gender: Male (occasionally female due to foul play.)
Affiliation: Spartoi, DWMA / Shibusen, Lord Death's Deathscythes, Class Crescent Moon
Weapon Type: Scythe
Weapon Level: Deathscythe
CR.: Chart
Available Forms:
Basic Scythe Form
Witch Hunter
Genie Hunter
Demon Hunter
Kishin Hunter
Higher level of transformation ability due to the possible witch wavelengths of a Deathscythe; Higher level of magical possibility due to same, as well as Maka's Grigori Form soul.
Other possible witch-given abilities are, as of yet, unrevealed.
Flying Pole
Partial transformations
Consult here
Other Abilities:
Whirlwind Cutter: taking the soul wavelengths Witch Hunter collects and releasing them in an uncontrolled and tornado-like fashion. This is dangerous to anyone around as it does not control what it cuts or where, nor does it specify itself to certain types of souls - this is a physical attack that will cut anything in its path, excepting the meister who is in the middle of the storm.
Figure-6 Hunter / Hexagonal Hunt
Letter-U Hunter

This version of Soul is an attempt to compromise manga and anime canon. He is post-series. He is the property of Atsushi Okubo. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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